The Perks of Being Single

Everyone wants to find true love. A lot of people may not admit it, but when asked, most of the time, they’re scared of not finding or meeting someone to settle down and grow old with. You spent hours worrying about what future holds when it comes to your love life. Our advice to you? Stop worrying and enjoy being single. The “One” will show up when you’re ready, and while you’re waiting, maximize the perks of being single. There’s a lot of things out there ┬áto see and to experience that only singles have the time for.

I personally believe that our 20s is the time for personal growth and development. No matter how fulfilling married life is, it’s still hard, and you need to prepare for it by going through the “dreadful Single-hood.”

If you think about it, it’s not so dreadful to be single. For starters, you’ll be able focus on your studies. You only have your parents to please while studying in college. Learning and preparing for your career needs 100% of your attention and in my opinion, being in a relationship just gets in the way of discovering your full potential in whatever career that you’re trying to pursue because when you’re in a relationship, your priorities change. You always think about the other person first, and that usually takes a lot of your time.

Being single means freedom. You can do whatever your want and go wherever you can. If you want to see a movie right now during your rest day from work, you can do that without consulting anyone about their schedule. You can travel and see the world (if you can afford it), if not, just chill in the nearest beach. You don’t have to wait for anyone to pick you up. You’re your own boss.

Being single means discovery. You can discover your talents because you have time. Are you a good painter? Start doing it to find out. You can spend reasonable hours on your hobbies without thinking of someone who’s waiting for your text or your calls. Go bowling, learn tennis, swim in the rivers, climb mountains, pick fruits from trees, no one minds.

Being single means job opportunities. There’s a lot of high-paying jobs that require applicants to be single (ex. medreps, flight attendants and pilots.) Married people might think that it’s discriminative but I can understand the employer’s point of view. They want singles who can move away from home without hesitation. They want workers who can be sent anywhere on assignments without a question.

Being single means less responsibility. When you’re not in a relationship, your only responsibility is with your parents and yourself. Aside from that, your time and money is yours. You can help your parents and siblings out with finances. Your parents took care of you and spent a lot of money for your education, so it’s your time to show your appreciation by giving back to them and taking them out on dates. Trust me, it gives unmatched feeling of satisfaction and happiness when you see your parents enjoying a meal that they don’t have to worry about paying for.

Being single means improvement. While waiting for the right person, try to improve yourself. Read more books and take

up hobbies to be smarter. Sign up for gym or start jogging to achieve your #body goals. Make bold fashion choices and give yourself a makeover. Hang out with your friends and family. Concentrate on church activities and invite more people to attend. Be kind and giving to those who are in need (if you can afford it.)

And lastly, being single means excitement. When I was single, I was always excited to go out on dates (we’ll discuss more about this in future posts ) because I like to meet and get to know new people. While it’s given that your only intention to date is to find your soulmate, it doesn’t hurt to set your expectations right. Not everyone you date will see you as a partner- material, so date a lot of people! No one’s going to get mad because you’re technically single (please read the next posts for clean dating guidelines.)

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.”

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!


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